10 Tips for Leading a Healthier and Happier Life

The quality of life to a large extend depends on our health, our store of energy, our moral and physical stamina. At work and during leisure, in communication with people, in sexual life – our health & well-being matter everywhere. To become healthier, one has to make efforts, and not everyone has the willpower to change something. But if you are ready for a healthier way of life, here are some tips by Canadian Health&Care Mall Company www.canadahealthcaremall.com.

Happier Life

  1. Hydrate Your Body with Water

As it is known, human bodies are composed of 60-70% water, and that’s why all organs are so dependent on it. There’re doctors who consider dehydration one of the major causes of many diseases, frequent headaches, constant tiredness and dry skin/premature wrinkles. People who are prone to hypotension (low blood pressure) should drink enough water, because the less water in the body – the lower the blood pressure. Those attending solarium should drink water before and after tanning.

To keep your body hydrated, drink several glasses of water every day, depending on your weight. For example, if you weight 50kg, 1.5 liters is an optimal amount for you. It’s recommended to drink more after intense physical exercises or mental workload, in the heat. Tea, coffee (and other beverages), soups don’t count – they are rather food than liquid. It is better to drink raw/unboiled purified water – you may use special filters or freezing/defrosting of water to make it properly structured and healthier.

  1. Food: Well Balanced Menu is a Key to Health and Strength

What you eat is extremely important for health, because that’s what your body’s cells are built of. In the majority of modern countries it has really become a problem simply to find safe food in the supermarkets. Sugar and other sweeteners, artificial preservatives and inspissation agents, aromatic chemicals, food colorants, harmful flavoring agents, trans fats are everywhere.

People are used to refined products that in fact have no nutritional value, just calories: white flour, white rice and analogous products have lost their most precious components and have become useless simple carbohydrates. Excess simple carbohydrates create acidic environment in the body instead more alkaline one, which causes the loss of such important microelements as calcium, natrium, magnesium. The result of it is weak bones and teeth, osteoporosis and similar diseases, premature aging and many other serious problems.

The main rules for healthy eating are:

  • Your everyday ration should include raw fruits and vegetables – at least 30% of the ration. Raw products contain enzymes that stimulate digestion of food, while for digesting heat-processed food the body spends its own enzymes.
  • Try to eat homemade food instead of ready-prepared or junk food with harmful ingredients; as a rule, the simpler the meal – the healthier it is.
  • Try to exclude or to minimize sugar, simple carbohydrates and refined products (such as white bread).
  • Your ration should include a variety of products; don’t forget about legumes, seeds, nuts, in addition to fruits and vegetables. As for the popular potato, it consists mostly of starch and has low nutritional value, so don’t eat it too often.
  • Give preference to steam cooking and water cooking, instead of frying.
  • The oils that you use for salads should be unrefined.
  • Don’t use seed/vegetable oil for frying, because carcinogens exude in the process; coconut oil is an exeption.
  • Choose organic products if you have such opportunity.
  • Avoid eating too much meat products; when eating meat, combine it with fresh greens to prevent acidification in the body.
  1. Physical Activity: Don’t Be Lazy

If you want to be vigorous, cheerful and strong, you can’t do without physical exercises. They help to maintain optimal weight and attractive figure, improve mood, prevent cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory tract diseases, lower cholesterol level, normalize blood pressure and blood circulation, improve joint mobility, increase muscle tone, slow down the aging, and so on.

  1. Devote Enough Time to Sleep

Healthy and adequate sleep is a prerequisite for well-being, activity, longevity and a clear mind. An average person needs 8 hours of sleep for recovery of all functions during the night. But it’s an individual thing, and there’re people who need only 4-5 hours of sleep, while others feel sick without 10-11 hours. Energetic people need less sleep.

The time when you go to sleep also matters. It is considered that 21-to-23 hours is an optimal bedtime, while late bedtimes prevent a good night’s rest and make a person feel frustrated and sick.

  1. Keep Calm and Don’t Worry

Stress has more negative impact on health than many people think. It may even change the genes. Chronic stress may harm the brain and cognitive functions. It impairs metabolism, weakens the immune system, increases blood pressure, impairs hormone balance, digestion problems, and of course, worsens relationships with close people.

So, the problem of chronic stress in your life is obviously worth solving. And though the tempo of modern living implies bustle, hurry, anxiety, there’s always something that can be done to change the situation for the better.

  1. Bad Habits – That’s Not What Makes You Cool

Everybody knows that drinking alcohol and smoking cause many diseases and shorten life, but not everybody takes it seriously. However, the sooner you quit smoking, the better. As for alcohol, many doctors say that there’re no safe doses of it and the best decision would be to completely give it up.

  1. Active Sex Life

The researches have shown that sexually active people live longer. Sex and orgasms have effect on the hormonal system and prolongs youth. People who have no sex and no orgasms often have hormonal imbalance, stagnation of blood in the pelvic area. This may also lead to formation of cysts, problems with prostate. The lack of endorphins (that are produced during an orgasm and physical touch) can cause anxiety, stress and depression. Women may experience aches during menstruation and unpleasant premenstrual syndrome.

It should be mentioned, however, that for people with low libido it’s much easier to endure sexual continence. And it won’t bring them too much harm. But for a person with increased sex drive who has no opportunity to relieve tension for a long period of time, it can lead to mood deterioration, irritability, depression and other neurotic reactions, besides health problems.

Sex may be considered a pleasant prophylaxis of many maladies. It causes burning of excess calories, lowering of cholesterol level, normalization of blood pressure; the improved blood flow to the brain stimulates the brain, pituitary and pineal gland functioning. For women, sex provides a massage of the uterus and vagina, which prevents a wide range of gynecological disorders such as fibroids, various inflammatory processes, bleeding, and more.

Those who have no opportunity to have regular sex with the partner should not be ashamed of self-satisfaction. It would also be good to do exercises for pelvic muscles (such as Kegel exercises) for both men and women with or without partner, as it improves hormone balance, prevents, hemorrhoid and involuntary urination, makes it possible for women to have vaginal orgasms, makes orgasms brighter, improves potency in men.

  1. Take a Breath of Fresh Air

It’s not easy to avoid polluted air in modern cities, but you should not miss the chance to spend time in nature when there’s such opportunity. You can also make your being at home healthier by installing air ionizers. These devices electrically charge (ionise) air molecules. They reduce the amount of air-borne bacterial infections, purify the air by removing particles from it, and saturate the air with negative ions. This reduces the negative effects of radiation from electrical devices, improves metabolism, increases efficiency, and reduces the impact of free radicals on the body.

  1. Use Non-aggressive Household Chemicals and Cosmetics

Most of the modern cosmetics and household chemicals contain a wide range of harmful ingredients, able to cause allergy and provoke various diseases by gradually accumulating in the body. Take the time to learn more about cosmetics’ ingredients, and you will understand how to save money on products that are absolutely useless for your beauty and are only popular due to marketing. Learn to read the composition of cosmetic products – your lipstick, shampoo, shower gel, dishwasher detergent, washing powder.

Fortunately, today it’s usually possible to find some eco-friendly and relatively natural products on supermarket shelves. You can also use ordinary edible soda for washing the bath and other domestic surfaces.

  1. Do Not Misuse Medications

Today people hope to solve the problem with a magic pill, whenever they feel sick. But unreasonable and imprudent use of drugs is fraught with negative consequences. Of course, there’re situations when medications are necessary, and one should follow the doctor’s prescriptions. But many people take tablets without sufficient grounds.

For example, a person may regularly take the tablets improving digestion to relieve discomfort in the abdomen, instead of refraining from spicy or unhealthy foods. Or a woman with frequent headaches takes painkillers instead of reducing the amount of coffee consumed or doing exercises for warming-up and stretching the neck. Many people abuse medicines for symptomatic treatment of cold; forcible cessation of the cough and runny nose prevents the body from quickly and effectively detoxing.

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